RenaudE_LeGatY_PoultonM-Lesam2011 (224 kB)

Break prediction models can help water utility decision-makers to build their pipe rehabilitation programs.

Patrick EISENBEIS, Thèse, Université Louis Pasteur Strasbourg, 1994 (25 MB)

Statistical modeling of the prediction of breaks affecting drinking water pipes.

Équipe de recherche Netwater, Article SPOT, Revue interne Cemagref, 2007 (710 kB)

Netwater research Theme : researches about water networks.

LE_GAT-EISENBEIS, English article, Urban Water, 2000 (250 kB)  

Using maintenance records to forecast failures in water networks.


SIROCO, a decision support system for rehabilitation adapted for small and medium size water distribution companies.

EISENBEIS-WEREY-LAPLAUD, Article, TSM, 2002 (51 kB) 

The record of the breaks in order to improve the knowledge about the drinking water networks.

POULTON-LE_GAT-BREMOND, English paper, IW-LESAM, 2007 (288 kB)

The impact of pipe segment length on break predictions in water distribution systems.

Eddy RENAUD, Rapport, Cemagref, 2006 (27 kB)

Recommendations for the accumulation and management  of the technical data necessary for the asset management of the drinking water networks. 

Yves LE GAT, Thèse, Une extension du processus de Yule pour la modélisation stochastique des événements récurrents : application aux défaillances de canalisations d'eau sous pression (1 MB)

After a demonstration of the Yule's process in its classic form, an extension is proposed in order to obtain a stochastic modeling of recurring events.

RENAUD-WEREY, Fiche SINFOTECH, Cemagref, 2008 (4 MB)

The tools of the asset management of the drinking water networks.

30ans-DesLogicielsPourPrevoirLesCasses (500 kB)

The drinking water is forwarded by subterranean pipes, the good state of which packages the quality of service. To manage at best these networks, Irstea finalised softwares to identify the pipes most at risk.

Plaquette du logiciel CASSES, Cemagref, 2008 (540 kB)

CASSES, software for the prediction of breaks in water distribution networks.

LeGatY_KroppI_PoultonM-Lesam2011 (626 kB)

Infrastructure management plan. It is first shown how to estimate the service lifetime distribution of water mains using observations of decommissioning times which are possibly left-truncated and predominantly right-censored.

RenaudE_LeGatY_BremondB-Astee2011 (145 kB)

The estimation of the need and the management of the priorities represents for water utilities two important stages in the definition of their policy of renewal of drinking water networks.

Evgenia_Babykina-These2010 (34 MB) : Modélisation statistique d'événements récurrents. Exploration empirique des estimateurs, prise en compte d'une covariable temporelle et application aux défaillances des réseaux d'eau. 

In tHe context of random modeling of recurrent events, a particular satistical model is investigated. This model is based on the counting processes and is built within the framework of analysis of failures in warter networks.