Breaks in water distribution networks have several consequences including disruptions to service, traffic interruptions and water loss.

The “Casses” software developed and commercialised by INRAE Bordeaux, uses a statistical model to estimate the number of breaks on each pipe in the network during any given period.

It uses data collected by water utilities:

  • A description of the pipes in the network detailing their physical, operational and environmental characteristics,
  • The break history of each of the pipes.

Other than certain obligatory data (year laid, material, length), the software is designed to adapt to the wide diversity in available data in existing databases.

INRAE also designs the PORTEAU software.

Porteau is a software for modeling networks of distribution or of transport with water under pressure. For 25 years, it will be improved by scientific researches led by GPIE team on Environment, Territories and Infrastructures Research Unit at INRAE.